Waves4Power is a Swedish company that develops and sells wave energy systems. Waves4Power’s concept is to focus on profitable electricity production with a system that is survivable and easily serviceable. Therefore Waves4Power is developing a power generating buoy with an elastic mooring system. In addition to a number of model tests in large and small scale of wave power devices, Waves4Power and its predecessors have performed a number of full-scale prototype tests in the ocean since 1976, of which the best known are the IPS buoy, Elskling (1980) and the WaveEL buoy (2010), both performed in the sea west of Gothenburg. The experiences from these prototypes have led to the design of a demonstration buoy intended for mass production that has been used for the WaveEL project at Runde off the west coast of Norway between the autumn 2015 and 2017. Waves4Power is one of the leading players in the green marine energy sector, which is expected to be the future of energy production for Europe as well as the rest of the world.