RiaSoR brings together three leading European research and testing sites from the north of Scotland, England and Sweden in order to develop industry approved reliability testing practices. These practices will be applied by the research and testing sites, ensuring consistency and robustness of testing to demonstrate reliability across wave and tidal technologies.

SP Research

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a leading international research institute. We work closely with our customers to create value, delivering high-quality input in all parts of the innovation chain, and thus playing an important part in assisting the competitiveness of industry and its evolution towards sustainable development.

The SP Group consists of the parent company and subsidiaries AstaZero, CBI, JTI, Glafo, SMP, SP ETC, SP Fire Research A/S, SP Process Development, SP Processum and SP A/S. Together, they create a powerful group of research and development institutes aimed at innovation and sustainable development of industry and society. The Group’s trademark is leading edge competence coupled with substantial technical span, and our laboratory resources are nationally and internationally competitive. With a staff of over 1,435, of whom more than half are graduates and about 390 are research scientists, the Group’s personnel constitute an important knowledge resource. The SP Group is owned by the Swedish state via RISE AB.


Established in 2003, EMEC is the world’s leading facility for testing wave and tidal energy converters in real sea conditions. The centre offers independent, accredited grid-connected test berths for full-scale prototypes, as well as test sites in less challenging conditions for use by smaller scale technologies, supply chain companies, and equipment manufacturers.

To date, more marine energy converters have been deployed in Orkney, Scotland, than at any other single site in the world: EMEC has hosted 17 wave and tidal energy clients (with 27 marine energy devices) spanning 9 countries.

With over 12 years of unprecedented experience, EMEC also offers performance assessments, Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), a range of research and consultancy services, and has facilitated the development of international standards for marine energy.


ORE Catapult was established in 2013 by the UK Government and is one of a number of Catapults set up by Innovate UK in high growth industries. It is the UK’s flagship technology innovation and research centre for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

ORE Catapult delivers prioritised research underpinned by world-class test and demonstration facilities, collaborating with industry, academia and Government to reduce the cost of offshore renewable energy and create UK economic benefit.

The Catapult programme represents a £1.4bn funding commitment from the public and private sector over five years. Long term, the Catapult will be funded 1:1:1 by central government, the private sector and other sources of funding such as the EU and devolved Governments.