Ocean Harvesting

Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB (OHT), a privately held company based in Karlskrona, Sweden, develops wave power technology with a special focus on power-off and energy storage, both at device level array infrastructure level. OHT develops a novel wave energy converter (WEC) with ball screw actuator and InfinityDrive Power Take-Off (PTO). The InfinityDrive PTO uses a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) with high speed flywheel to provide reactive force control capabilities in a WEC combination with very efficient power smoothing. This solution provides exceptional capture performance, high conversion efficiency and a constant sea state tuned electric power output. The technology is protected by four patent applications and is currently in a system design simulation analysis phase. The InfinityDrive PTO is available to other WEC developers and stakeholders in the marine energy industry, through participation in OHTs WEC development program, or by forms of technology cooperation and licensing. OHT’s core competence is wave energy conversion, control strategies, storage, simulations and system design. OHT’s strategy is to work in close collaboration with WEC developers, system integrators, OEM’s, research institutions and academia.